About Us

Global Clashes

Global Clashes is established by a group of writers and reporters who are concerned in giving the world the most credible information in everything that has been happening around them. They provide no censorship in delivering the news and they are as honest as they can be. They retrieve the news straight from the source and never leave until a story completely unfolds. They are among the most seasoned reporters in the standard of news reporting.

Established in 2001, Global Clashes since then has regained a reputation of the most trusted site on news reporting. This is hard to achieve with the existence of World Wide Web at present where news could be fabricated by almost anyone. But we continue to maintain such reputation throughout the years. In fact, not only was the site recognized but the reporters as well. They never fail to take home prestigious awards year by year.

What’s next for the Global Clashes?

We are deeply humbled by the commendations we have been receiving from our followers. As such, we strive to never loosen up when it comes to mastering our craft. We continue to maximize the potential of the World Wide Web for a faster and easier delivery of our news.

From being just a website, now we have developed our own application with an easy-to-use interface. With just one click, wherever you are, you can already access our database. News can already be downloaded for future reading and reference. What more is that it fits with the fast developing technology we have at present. No need for bulky papers to bring with you. You are covered just with a smartphone.

What we can promise you from here on is that we are going to continue with what we have started – giving you the quality news from around the world that you deserve.