To better serve our followers, and new visitors to our site, we have collected the most frequently asked questions to assist you in getting better acquainted with the Global Clashes site,

What is Global Clashes site?

Global Clashes site is an online news platform. While it is just like any other site that gives you all types of news, we are different because we cover all types of news from the whole world.

Why such a big coverage, if you may ask? This is because we recognize that not everyone has access to the news outside their community which gives then an information and communication gap.

Do we need to be a member to have access to the content of the site?

Membership is not required. However, you cannot download any articles for future reading if you are not a member. Your access is also limited to news available within the month. Archives are not accessible and so is the community where you can interact with other people.

Can the content be translated?

Yes, it can. Our application has an automatic capability to translate every article into any language of your choice. We understand that our market is diverse and setbacks such as language barrier should be eliminated for maximum customer experience.

Can I get a hard copy of the materials you publish online?

Yes. Although our main goal is to deliver our news pronto via the internet, you can also get a hard copy of this by buying an issue from our site. We publish 2 issues per month where everything we post on-site is included. You can choose if you want to have these issues delivered to your doorsteps or you can also pick it up at our partner stores.

Have more questions? Check out our contact page to know how to connect with us.